I won an award!!


21 November 2023

I am still buzzing having won the Outstanding Self Development & Business Growth 2023 award at the Crème de la Crème Cheshire Business Awards on Friday 17th November!😁

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and The Cheshire Club for creating the Awards. I am delighted to receive this special recognition💕💕

I had been delighted to have been amongst the finalists of such a prestigious award but was blown away when I won. It was incredible and a huge boost. This award is a recognition of decades of the personal growth and business development I have done. My younger self was not very confident, and this affirms that hard work and effort really do pay off. If I had listened to my self-doubt and my doubters, I would not have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and left the NHS 13 years ago to set up 2minds. I didn’t see myself in a positive light and could never have dreamed of such an award. My business is all about people finding their truth and following their own path and anyone working with me embarks on this journey for themselves.

The award also acknowledges my business growth and 2minds has changed so much over the years. The growth has meant that I took the big step to take on a member of the team. I am delighted to have had George Collings working alongside me for the past 2 years. With him, we have been able to take some bigger steps in new and exciting things, such as a gorgeous, personally branded product range with affirmations and messages on them, plus hosting my own podcast and exciting projects with leaders in businesses. These are all things I used to only dream of🙌

This award is for everyone who has worked with me and through 2minds. Everyone who has pushed themselves and made courageous changes. My mission is to disrupt and encourage others to not accept less and be their true self. This is an accolade to keeping going, which is a strong message particularly in today’s world of uncertainty.

Congratulations to all the other winners and finalists. Thank you to Beverley Steele for sponsoring the award. What an incredible evening with so much to celebrate✨

The Cheshire Club

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