Cause a swell


4 April 2018

If you’re like the majority of people – you probably don’t recognise yourself anything like as much as you could. Because in society we are conditioned to notice the things that aren’t right, to notice the moments of pain, misery, mistakes, things that haven’t gone well. Things that are wrong or not good enough. Then you may discuss these things with others, re-living the event or situation over and over again in your mind, and re-accessing the feelings as you do. Your mind is mischievous. It is conditioned to notice what you don’t want, most of the time.

This becomes a habit. You are accumulating negativity. And whilst it seems automatic, it is still a choice. So you are in control. Yet habitual choices feel automatic. So you don’t feel in control. Your mind focuses on the negative, accumulates it and becomes negative itself. The more negative you are in your mind, the more negative you become. The more negative you become, the more negativity you accumulate. The similar attracts the similar. What you focus on you get more of, remember. No one else is forcing you to be this way, you are making the same choices every day. So you attract more negativity into your life.

It is a self-perpetuating misery.

The solution?

The method here is to retrain your mind, to form a new habit. To consciously focus on the little things that are positive – as well as the more significant. The reason the little things have become insignificant is because that is how you have learnt to perceive them. So you dismiss them. Yet they aren’t insignificant in reality. They’re extremely useful. In society we’re taught to dismiss the small and focus on the grand, the impressive, the desirable, the ultimate goals and wants and wishes. All the way along we therefore miss most of the positives, of which there are many. We have made them insignificant. They pass us by.

Yet you can use them. They’re very useful. They are the tools to allow you to develop a swell of positivity. Again, like attracts like, therefore you unconsciously attract more positive into your everyday life. More success, more confidence, more happiness.

Think about it, when you feel great, what could you achieve compared to when you feel low? It’s obvious isn’t it? For instance, confident people are successful people. To think of it another way, people who are in a state of elation could at that very moment, run a distance which is probably one and a half times further, if not double the distance they could when they were feeling low or negative.

Your emotional state = your results. And ALL results are (emotional) state dependent.

As you go through life, you miss the majority of those positive tools because of your negative approach.

So how do you create the right swell?

This method gives you a positive approach. A reversal to the normal process you’ve followed most of the time.

Whenever satisfaction is experienced, in whatever situation – feel it.
Don’t just let it go by as usual. Don’t let it pass you by. Notice the satisfaction. Noticing the satisfaction will give you a glimpse of a more regular, more intensive, positive feeling.

Think of every moment as being a window. A window into positivity, or negativity. If you have become identified with negative, misery or pain, you are looking through a window. This window leads to more suffering.

If you teach yourself to be present in the more satisfying moments, to notice the regular feelings of satisfaction in some of the smaller things, you are opening another window. That feeling is in fact always there, yet it goes un-noticed. So doesn’t get actualized. Doesn’t really get used. Plus of course, you can also focus more on noticing the feelings with the more intense experiences, ones of excitement, pleasure, bliss etc. It all adds up.

The existence is the same, but the windows are different.

Wherever satisfaction is experienced – feel it – notice it, wherever you experience it!

You see a friend, you feel happy; you meet your loved one and feel happy, notice it. Feel it.

You’ll start changing your mind. You’ll start accumulating happiness. Your mind will start to turn positive, and your world will look different.

You must remember that the problems are not those things outside you. The external things are not the problem. You are the problem. You are the problem because it’s how you react to the outside situation, the external, that creates your reality.

When you develop a swell of positive, of happiness, then your world will look and feel different. You’ll deal with what would have been challenges previously, in a more effortless fashion.

Otherwise you will go on carrying your misery with you. This is what creates most of your problems. Whatever you experience, you are obviously always with yourself. You are the common denominator!

External things are just appearances. The greater the swell of positivity in you – the more they appear different to you. You’ll shock yourself at how easily you respond to something that a while ago would have sent you into a downward spiral!

Try it – it will change the quality of your life.

In society we are interested in quantity – more money – bigger house etc.

Yet the quality will remain negative if the person’s mind is negative. How many people do you know find fault and complain wherever they go!!? A negative person can double the size of their house and they’ll still feel the quality of negativity, they’ll still continue noticing everything that is wrong.
There’s always wrong if you look for it. Right and wrong are two diametric opposites. And one can’t exist in the universe without the other. You have to have both. So wrong will always exist wherever you go. Same with good and bad, positive and negative etc. It’s what you look for that’s important. That creates your inner swell. A swell of negativity, or a swell of positivity. Which is it to be? Also – you must remember that whichever swell you develop, both act like a magnet, and like attracts like.

It’s the quality within you that makes the difference. Not the external quantity. That’s why none of it will ever bring you happiness. Yet ironically, the greater the positive swell, the more of those things you desire you attract into your life and because of your positive inner quality, you will experience such levels of happiness, blissfully enjoying having those things.
Success is a buy-product of your inner quality. Things don’t produce your inner quality. Your inner quality produces things.

So, from tomorrow, for the whole day until you sleep, whenever you feel something good / satisfactory / pleasurable / positive – notice it. Feel it.

There are many, many positive moments in your day, and most of them currently pass you by un-noticed. Become aware of them. The more you notice the more open you will be to the ones that come later that day – you’ll start to spot them. You’ll bring them into your awareness. Currently you are so attached to the things that are wrong, you miss the things that make the difference.

The sun rises, you receive a compliment, you hear a favourite song. You pay a compliment, a child looks at you with innocent eyes, someone smiles at you in the street, you take a hot shower.

Think about the shower for a moment. Some people on the planet don’t have hot water, some don’t even have enough water. Some people don’t even have a roof! And you take a lovely, hot shower and think about the row with your partner, or worry about your meeting later that day.

Take a moment. Be in the moment. Feel the hot water. Notice the subtle feeling that’s already there. A subtle feeling of bliss. Become aware of it. That same feeling will be there if you look for it when someone smiles at you, when the child looks at you with innocence.

So continue to look around, try to find the blissful. However small – then you’re building that feeling. Creating a swell. You’ll transform yourself. You’ll transmute from negative mind to positive mind. In that moment, forget everything, be filled with that feeling, feel it, taste it, allow it to enter your whole being. The energy of that feeling will follow you, will emanate from you. It will build too. It will continue to cause a swell. It will resound with you more and more as you go through the day.

It’s accumulative. It’s always there whenever you do or experience something that’s remotely positive or satisfying. Notice it just to have a feeling of what it is.

Once you have a feeling that the positive will create a feeling and lead you to a different world, you will not leave it. You’ll want to stay with it. You’ll start to look at your world in a different way. A new way.

With a negative mind, everything can seem wrong. Not that it is necessarily wrong, it is wrong because the negative mind can only notice what is wrong.
So just try it for a day. Forget the negative, focus on the positive. Over time the more you use this subtle process, you’ll get to the point where there’s a positive swell in your mind. Then everything is different. All appearances change with a positive mind. So work to develop one. Look back….and smile.

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