Basic examples of mindsets


14 September 2023

Imagine you are going to a supermarket for a food shop. If you did your shopping in autopilot and bought all the foods that you usually buy, you would be in a fixed mindset. If you went shopping and chose something new and different, this is a growth mindset.

Another example of a fixed mindset is you tell yourself you can’t get fit, and you come up with lots of reasons and excuses why you are unable to get started. And a growth mindset would see you finding someone to help you get started and then for you to be happy with any progress.

New habits

Having a motivational mindset is essential to creating new habits. It requires understanding your purpose, setting realistic goals, and taking small steps each day to make those goals a reality. Having a plan for the days and weeks ahead will also help you stay on track. Coupled with this, it is important to develop positive self-talk, and this keeps motivation and accountability. It is also critical to celebrate your successes and be kind to yourself when things don’t go according to plan. With consistency and dedication, a motivational mindset can help you create the habits necessary to reach your goals.

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