A powerful message to aim to have movement in your routine and life


8 March 2024

Taking part in this event to raise money for charity turned into something I wasn’t necessarily expecting. Pushing myself physically and signing up because I thought that I wanted to be part of a challenge. What happened was brilliant.  I got to spend the day and the challenge with some of the most incredible women who I can now call my friends.  I have been fortunate to have not had any major illness but walking with people who had been through something that can be life changing was special. Listening to their stories about their treatment and recovery just spurred me on at difficult times.  The charity we were raising money for is Move Against Cancer and it advocates how movement is so powerful. To quote Mel Kelly in this video it gave her ‘freedom’.

This video was released on International women’s day 2024 as a powerful message to aim to have movement in your routine and life, and to see it as a healing tool.

I can honestly say that being part of this day was a pinnacle moment in my life. It showed me that we all have more in the tank just when you want to give up. It shows that connection and encouragement from others can pull you along and it shows you that pushing out of your comfort zone takes you to another place.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this experience for me.  I feel very lucky to have shared it with some awesome women as we celebrate International women’s day. If you watch the video, seeing us all hugging the pillar at the end of the last of the Yorkshire 3 peaks was like nectar.  What an achievement for us all.


From ITN Business on Vimeo.

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