14 years of freedom!


10 May 2024

🎉 Imagine this: you’re in your 40’s, and staring down a stable NHS career. You have a pension, a permanent post and security. But something inside whispers for more. That was me. 14 years ago, I took a leap of faith, leaving the safety net and diving headfirst into the wild world of entrepreneurship.


Sure, there were bumps. The rollercoaster ride of being your own boss is no joke. But the highs? Unmatched. Building 2minds from the ground up, navigating the ever-changing tides of business, and watching it flourish – that’s pure magic.


Last year, the magic got even sweeter. I snagged a prestigious business award – a testament to 14 years of relentless learning, growth, and adaptation. It wasn’t just an award; it was validation. Validation that the risks, the sleepless nights, the sheer grit – it all paid off.


Here’s the kicker: I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. The pride of ownership, the lessons learned, the sheer thrill of building something from scratch – that’s the reward.


This story isn’t just about 2minds. It’s about the audacious spirit within all of us. It’s about chasing your dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem. Because sometimes, the most incredible things happen when you take a chance on yourself✨


My younger self would never have believed that I could achieve so much. In the 14 years, I have not only maintained my business, attracted great clients, gained fabulous pieces of work and projects and worked with incredible people, I have published 2 books, hosted a community radio show, created a podcast for a year with over 50 episodes, launched a product range and started to secure public speaking gigs.


Thank you to everyone who has been key to this journey and milestone. They say a successful business has the right people around them and I do feel very blessed to have people who support, challenge, cheer and celebrate with me. Every client and business who has chosen me to work with them are a huge part of this success and I am forever grateful🙏 


I can honestly say I am so happy to reach this point and am excited for the next chapter.


Please celebrate with me, have a cuppa or something stronger and let’s stay connected. If you have been involved in 2minds during this 14 year period, I would love to hear what has made the most difference for you. You might have read my book(s), had 1:1’s, been in a group session or just bumped into me somewhere. It is so important to a business for its clients and customers to help and I would love it if you could pop a review somewhere. so, tell us what you think!


At the bottom of my linktree (linked below) is a few boxes where you can write your own review, taking the time out of your day to do would mean alot to me x


👉 https://linktr.ee/admin2minds

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