How to have a summer romance (even with your partner), from holiday role-play to solo dates | iNews

14 July 2023

Alison contributed to a new article in the iNews webzines.


‘Whether you are single or in a long-term relationship, make this a summer of love with these tips from sex and relationship therapists’



Don’t overfill your holiday bucket list

“If you’re looking for more sex and a deeper connection with your partner while on holiday, be mindful of how many other activities you cram in. While you might be getting everything ticked off your sightseeing to-do list, you may actually be exhausting yourself. This means you can tire more easily and holiday sex can be rushed, ultimately creating more distance between you and a feeling of disappointment.

“Balance is key and for optimal holiday sex play, it can help us to be relaxed, as we can connect to our bodies more and, therefore, fully immerse ourselves in all the pleasurable things we can do together.

“So do factor in days where you can be truly together and block out time for just that, instead of rushing to do everything on your bucket list – except your partner.” Jordan Dixon, clinical psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist, The Thought House Partnership

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