How to cope when your work bestie leaves you behind | Stylist Magazine

24 October 2023

“Humans are social creatures and wired to connect”
Happy to share an article I wrote with a journalist for Stylist Magazine 😊
‘Jobs come and go, but work besties are for life – at least, that’s what we’d love to think. Sadly, not every work best friend sticks around. As our career paths take us in different directions, most of us will probably lose a few great friends in the process.
Whether your friend is moving to a new department, a new job or even a new city, saying goodbye to the person who saw you through all of the lunch breaks, boring Zooms and morning coffees can be surprisingly difficult. After all, a work bestie isn’t just a great friend – they can also become a massive support to us at work, helping us through tough days in the office…’

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