Alison’s coaching skills involving the use of clean language has helped me totally reframe my life and understand my emotions.  She has helped me let go of past negative emotions and plan and create a wonderful new future for myself full of positivity and free from self-limiting beliefs.  If you want help to really find out what you want from life, and then get a strategy in place for how to get it – you need to see Alison .. pure and simple!  This is all about a higher learning of self – which I find incredibly interesting and totally freeing …


March 2014

Yeah life’s good thanks. Do hot yoga 3 times a week now. Work is no longer stressful as realised going to another job was going to cause a lot more stress and it’s just my thoughts that I needed to change. Had a brilliant appraisal with my boss. Basically told her everything and how work made me feel in past. Communication skills so much better now. So big thank you as just going from strength to strength


February 2017

I can’t thank you enough again for empowering me to be me.  I just hope you can imagine the smile I have


February 2013

All is well thank you! Settled into my new job really quickly and I’m definitely seen as the healthy eater in the office! I often take my gym clothes with me and get changed before leaving the office too
Feeling much happier in my self and don’t get the Sunday night blues before going into work anymore which is a great feeling. Had lots of positive feedback from the managers and it’s a really positive working environment where you are constantly getting recognised for doing a good job.  Thank you for all your help – will keep in touch


April 2017

Just wanted to say thank you once again.  You have helped me feel more confident about being who I am and showed how to tidy my thoughts.  I will never forget you…. you helped me find my left and right


May 2014

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all of your help, I really couldn’t have gotten through the last couple of years, both professionally and personally without having found you!

You really have changed my life and I am learning so much all of the time…often I don’t even realize it myself until I sit back and take a minute to reflect on how far I have come – there’s no way I would have got to where I am without you or to where I’m headed…wherever that is!!

I always smile when I see all of your cards on top of the filing cabinet…and I always think ‘I should send one of those’…but then my journey isn’t over yet so I just thought I would send a little note of appreciation at this point in my journey.

Thank you so much


October 2016

I benefited enormously by attending a two day breakthrough with Alison on a one to one basis. It enabled  me to clear out old issues, de mist  my vision of life today and see what I want for the future.  I came away feeling lighter, empowered and able to see things with clarity.  Alison was professional from start to finish and the experience she provided was and still is truly amazing. I would thoroughly recommend her


August 2014

I am so thrilled to have found something that has made such a difference to my daughter’s upset and stress around exams.  It has made such an impact  to her overall confidence.  She has loved working with Alison and I know this will help her in the future

A Mum of a 13 year old

August 2016

I find it hard asking for help, but help was what I needed and I found it in Alison and her NLP therapy.  Like everyone, I was concerned about the cost, and how this therapy would or could help me!  Regardless of my doubts, I embrace my time with Alison 100%.  Alison was very easy to talk to, very easy company and very professional throughout our time together.  I found my NLP breakthrough a very positive and strengthening experience.  Everybody at some point in their lives needs NLP and I would recommend it to anyone who is at that point of realising – like me, they need to ask for help to enable them to move forward in a positive way and find themselves in a much better place


February 2017

Thank you for giving me my life back


May 2014

I just wanted to express my gratitude and how inspirational I think you are… I can honestly say that you have supported me in a new direction of my life


April 2016

I struggled with a lack of confidence and a perceived belief that I was not an equal in business. I also had an issue with procrastination (which I now don’t have time for…)

Working with Alison allowed me to dispel the myth that I was not equal. The sessions helped me to realign my thinking and self belief and to prioritise what was really important to me.

I have a confidence that is based on reality and not an ill-perceived mindset.  The sessions have shown me how I can continue to grow and develop in my own time and at my own speed. I now feel very much in charge and I am now much more positive and proactive.

There are still issues that I need to tackle but I feel far better equipped to deal with these and to prioritise what is really important in my personal and public life.  I really do feel enabled and equipped to move forward towards all of my goals


November 2016