I use an extensive range of techniques and skills underpinned by a unique blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming, coaching, clean language coaching and hypnosis.  This unique combination gives you an insight into your barriers, frees you of the blockages, an understanding of what is happening to you and then enthuses and inspires you to identify and set achievable goals.  I believe that for you to have the life you want, whether that is work related, relationships, the body you want or overall happiness, something we are all seeking, you need to increase your own self confidence, boost your self esteem, have self respect and self worth.  These are the vital ingredients in creating a fulfilled and happy life.

My approach is to “dig deep” to get to the root cause of the issue that is stopping  you have a happy life, and with my techniques, this doesn’t necessarily mean coming to tell ‘your story’.  I am interested in how you are behaving now and how that is affecting you today, rather than what got you here.  This then will give you the confidence and inspiration to make the changes needed.

I am passionate about you and your potential

In her experience, it doesn’t matter whether you are already a ‘high flyer’, just on the first step of the ladder or desperate to find a new footing in life, I believe we can all benefit from exploring and looking at challanges.   The experience of working with me is unique, fun and often described as ‘different’.

My values are so important to me and underpin both my personal and professional life.  These are: happiness, making a difference, excellence, determination, passion and energy.  I can see a shift in the recognition that values do drive us and businesses today.  When you are able to understand your unsettlement is linked to a conflict with your values, then real change starts to happen.  This has happened personally in my life, so for me its true.

My aim is to help people give themselves permission to be their best.

I truly enjoy the diversity of the working with individuals in their personal life and also in the business world.  For me, its actually the same as people make businesses work and people make lives work.  Working with people to be more effective and ultimately happier is the key.    I have a proven track record of assisting people and businesses achieving so much more following an intervention with me.

We all love learning more about ourselves and how we think, behave and act; why we do what we do compared to others

A team leader’s feedback about me was “Her vivaciousness and natural ability to engage people is unique“.

I previously studied person-centred counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychodynamic counselling, and now with  the powerful tools of NLP, hypnosis and coaching, I can blend these techniques to give you exactly the approach that suits you best.  I myself  have Coaching Supervision to ensure that I am working to the best of my ability and therefore you get the best out of me.

Since setting up 2minds, I have had the honour of meeting and working with the most fabulous people and businesses, helping them free themselves of barriers and challenges preventing them from having total self-belief, confidence and motivation.

It is always a privilege to be there at the start of someone’s journey

During my previous career for many years, I worked within the NHS as a highly experienced counsellor.  I supported and made a significant difference to many people with a diverse range of issues, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, substance misuse, obsessive compulsion disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, stress management and domestic abuse to name a few.

I feel strongly about enriching the lives of others and guiding to take control, manage emotions and reaching their full potential.

I am also a Coach and a Coach Supervisor for a company called Genius Within who specialise in working with adults in the workplace with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other neuro diverse thinking issues. http://www.geniuswithin.co.uk/

I am based on the Wirral, Merseyside although may travel to reach you.

I am currently writing a book ‘A Path Travelled’ incorporating my experiences, learnings and realisations – watch this space.