A Path Travelled: how to make sense of relationships

A Path Travelled: how to make sense of relationships

Are you happy with your relationships?

Based on the success of A Path Travelled: How to make sense of your life, here we explore the challenges and joys of more intimate relationships.

This book takes the reader on a journey through all aspects and complexities of a relationship. It covers
with more challenging relationships, explores the highs and lows of new love and looks at the difficulties of ending a relationship.

The features of a  healthy relationship are explored and tips on how you can develop new habits to improve
your own.

A powerful theme throughout the book looks at the relationship you
have with yourself and how that impacts on other relationships.

Book review

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A Path Travelled Series 

This series helps the reader to understand how the mind works, why we behave like we do, why we think in certain ways and appreciate our feelings. The first book takes the reader on a journey of self discovery so that you can understand yourself, learn about the relationship you have with yourself and then how this relates to the past and current relationships.

The second book: how to make sense of relationships delves more specifically into initiate relationships, helping us understand relationships that have not worked out, what makes up a poor relationship and then what is needed to have a healthy one. This series is designed to unpacked a lot of thinking and behaviours which often happen unconsciously and bring them to life with case studies and examples.

Free Simple Meditation Exercise

One of the techniques featured in my book is the Body Scan Meditation. You can try this for free by clicking on the button below.


About the author

Written over the course of eight years A Path Travelled captures and brings together many different experiences and situations, all connected to day to day struggles and challenges.  She has combined her own experiences, knowledge and shares examples where people have overcome their challenges.

Author Alison Blackler is inspired by the resilience and courage that people show and wanted to provide an easy to read guide to compliment her work.  Alison is passionate about people and their potential. She believes that everyone has the resources within and is keen to share steps so that others can change their lives to have a fast track to understanding their own mind.

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