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Alison Blackler

Alison Blackler

I use an extensive range of techniques and skills underpinned by a unique blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming, coaching, clean language coaching and hypnosis. This unique combination gives you an insight into your barriers, frees you of the blockages, an understanding of what is happening to you and then enthuses and inspires you to identify and set achievable goals.  I believe that for you to have the life you want, whether that is work related, relationships, the body you want or overall happiness, something we are all seeking, you need to increase your own self confidence, boost your self esteem, have self respect and self worth.  These are the vital ingredients in creating a fulfilled and happy life.

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Alison's first book, A Path Travelled, will be published in 2018.
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Interviews with Pete Price, Radio City 2

In December 2017, I spent a few hours in the recording studio with the lovely Pete Price. We chatted through some common issues like stress, confidence, relationships and other interesting topics.

How asking for help is a strength

This quick video reminds us why it is important to ask for help and how it is certainly not a sign of weakness.

Mindfulness – using outside resources

This quick video helps us remember that the glorious outside offers us some much in terms on our mind.

The reason behind ‘A Path Travelled’

What this quick video about my journey to writing my first book A Path Travelled. It is my story about believing in yourself that sparked my desire to write.

My introduction video

My video introduction. Find out a little more about me, my work and my approach.

Published Articles

Engagement and trust are key to a happy and productive workforce

Building a culture of trust is what makes a meaningful difference. Employees in high-trust organisations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies.

Employee engagement is the key

Employee engagement is fundamental to organisational success and as such employers should aspire to deepen their understanding of the topic and know how to measure it.

Getting that much needed sleep!

Wondering why you can’t sleep at night. This article explains how your mind is setting the body clock.

How to be less of a people-pleaser and learn the art of saying ‘no’

Are you supporting people in a positive way or do you find that you are exhausted trying to please others, and find it difficult to say no. Read on…

How external events affect our emotions – and how we can take back control

In this article I explain how national tragedies, and everyday ups and downs, can impact on our wellbeing.