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A Warm ‘Workplace Culture’ Welcome From 2minds

We help companies and organisations reset, enhance and advance their workplace culture depending on its current state

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How do we do this?

It’s us helping you to unleash your team potential

From experience, we’ve worked with for example, many senior leaders held back by stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt.

We’ve seen the resulting effect on workplace culture because those experiences get passed on by behaviours detrimental to harmony and productivity at work.

Unrecognised issues in your leadership and across the broader team can lead to a decline in overall performance.

2minds’ customised, acclaimed programmes help inspire teams and bring about changes in workplace culture for the greater good.

Here’s what people are saying…

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How 2minds’ programmes can help you overcome typical challenges in the workplace

Communication and Resolution Programme: 2minds helps foster timesaving, open communication, addressing concerns to improve team dynamics.

Leadership Connect Programme: 2minds’ leadership development programmes equip managers to lead by example and inspire their teams.

Goals and Roles Programme: 2minds’ collaborative help with goal setting and clearly defined roles empowers employees creating a greater sense of purpose.

Effective Teamwork Programme: 2minds’ support in implementing team-building activities and communication training helps build more cohesive workforces.

Flexible Workplace Programme: 2minds’ helps cultivate continuous improvement cultures through adaptation and employee engagement.

Alison Blackler

Workplace culture Coach, speaker, media spokesperson, human

What drives Alison?

Making a difference to a company’s workplace culture. I love the lightbulb moments I help transplant in firms that can change a person and a team’s thinking forever, giving them confidence, clarity, direction and more cohesion. These are the reasons Alison gets up in the morning.

Over the last 30 years, Alison has helped hundreds of people and businesses make sense of their thoughts, relationships and actions as part of transforming workplace cultures.

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Awards & Nominations 2023-2024

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Crème De La Crème
Innovation Award

Spark genuine conversations, share ideas, and foster lasting relationships at our brunch club.

Alison is excited to create a space to connect and inspire. As a speaker herself, she is looking forward to being able to host an amazing guest speaker each time, and encourage positive relationships.


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