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2minds help leaders achieve what they never thought possible through science-backed mindset coaching. Learn how to improve confidence, skyrocket success and build fulfilling relationships at work.

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Public Speaking

Alison’s enthusiasm, warm nature and practical advice on confidence building engages and excites audiences around the country.

Media Spokesperson

A respected authority on mindset, confidence and leadership, Alison adds credibility and warmth to a diverse range of features, news articles and podcasts.

Mental Wealth Podcast

If you often find yourself thinking that you’re stuck and don’t know how to make changes, then this podcast is for you.

'Leading With The Brain In Mind'

Our intensive workshops, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching sessions are fully bespoke, addressing your most pressing issues.

'The Mind Traveller'

You can access this comprehensive programme from the comfort of your own home and take it at your own pace – revisit sections as often as you like.

'In And On The Mind'

This is your PRIVATE, interactive space to explore challenges particularly of your mind, you can ask questions, lean on each other and share your successes.

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Mindset Coaching to Transform Your Business

Imagine if your workplace was led by confident, contented and inspiring leaders. Those who bring out the very best in their teams.  Thanks to fantastic leadership, the business has a bright future, healthy profits and happy employees.

This sounds like the dream scenario – but in reality, many managers and directors suffer from self doubt and limiting beliefs. We all do. Senior leaders are seen as strong and capable so they often mask their insecurities, leading to ineffective team management and unproductivity.

Fear and negative self beliefs hinder work performance, creating a knock on effect for entire teams. In extreme cases, lack of confidence can break a business.

Helping Your Business Thrive

2minds works globally, helping hundreds of senior leaders enhance their confidence and self-image through a powerful combination of mindset coaching, neuroscience teachings, and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Our minds are full of untapped potential. Let’s work together to engage your employees, unlock their possibilities, and showcase what your business is made of.

How Mindset Coaching Inspires Positive Change

Here’s what our clients are saying…

“There were some changes that were happening that I felt concerned about and Alison gave me the support I needed and the tools and also the mindset to realise it was OK for me to express those concerns.”

Sally Wallwin

Digital Marketing & Projects Manager, Remarkable Practice

“Alison provides an excellent service for the team, helping us to learn more about ourselves and others, enabling us to work better together.”

Martin Horton

CEO, Rivington Accounts

“By having our team engage with group sessions alongside the 1 to 1’s have made for a stronger, more skilled and more dynamic team.”

Rob Whittall

Managing Partner, Dyke Yaxley USA

“The training with Alison has equipped me with numerous possibilities for working with my team and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Julie Roby

Manager, Chrysalis Centre

15+ Reviews

10+ Reviews

15+ Reviews

Alison Blackler

Coach, speaker, media spokesperson, human

Making a difference. The lightbulb moments that change a person’s thinking forever, giving them confidence, clarity, direction. These are the reasons Alison gets up in the morning.

Over the last 25 years, Alison has helped hundreds of people and businesses make sense of their thoughts, relationships and actions.

Confidence is a learned skill. Master it and transform yourself forever.

Alison Blackler

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Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect | CheshireLife

Alison and Naomi contributed to write an article about the struggles around Christmas and how it doesn't need to perfect for you to enjoy the holidays. You can find the full article from page 254-255 in the December 2023 addition of CheshireLife Magazine  

Wirral mind coach Alison scoops business award

Wirral mind coach Alison scoops business award

Wirral transformational mind coach Alison Blackler says winning a top business award is recognition of ‘decades of personal growth and business development’. Tony McDonough reports. Transformational mind coach Alison Blackler has spoken of her delight after winning a...

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