Passionate About Your Potential

Passionate About Your Potential

Coming April 2020 !

A Path Travelled, Alison's first book out April 2020.
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A Path Travelled

I am excited to published my first book in April 2020.

This is a huge personal achievement and I hope that it allows the reader to fast track their personal development.

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Listen to my radio interview about A Path Travelled

I chat with Steve Evans on Radio Clatterbridge about my book A Path Travelled and the journey behind it.

How social media poses a serious risk to our mental health

Thanks to the rise of social media people across the world are more connected than we have ever been in the history of civilisation. However, our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental health.

Mind Games at Clatterbridge Radio

Listen in to my interview with Phil Rostance at Radio Clatterbridge. We talked about all sorts of behaviours of the mind and situations we all experience day to day.

Feeling overwhelmed

How do you manage yourself when you feel overwhelmed. Most people think they just have to push harder. Read more for the better option

Managing emotions

Have you ever been so angry about something that you saw red? How about anxiety which was overwhelming for no apparent reason, or even relating to someone else’s life.

Published Articles

Wirral Chamber of Commerce share some advice on Coronavirus

Check out, my article along with a few others around how to manage during this unprecedented times.  #staysafe #inthistogether

Why your coronavirus fears are normal and how you can find some calm

Frightened and stressed about coronavirus? We are all in this together. These are confusing, stressful times for all of us. The coronavirus outbreak is scary and can affect our mental health.

How Loyal Are You?

Loyalty to our friends, families, business colleagues and to our nations. It’s obvious right? But what does loyalty really mean? To be endlessly nice to people, showering them with compliments? Or must we sometimes tell our loved ones (or bosses) what they need to hear? Listen in for the podcast

Avoid getting dragged down by the workplace ‘drama triangle’

Sometimes teams or colleagues don’t know they are in drama never mind how they got there but what they do know is drama conversations are tiresome.  Read about how to manage drama in the workplace.

Cheshire Media interview

Check out my recent interview with Cheshire Media where I reveal how I keep motivated, where I get my inspiration from and my challenges.